6 Documentaries You Didn’t Know You Needed to Watch

By: Movies Change People

Documentaries – they’re sometimes the genre we skip past on iTunes or Netflix as we head for something “more entertaining”, but we’ve curated a list that you won’t want to skip.

These films are engaging, bright, challenging, confronting, life affirming and well worth talking a look at. Click on the pictures below to watch the trailers for our favourite documentaries!

1. Big Easy Express

This film is all heart, passion and talent that leaves you craving adventure and yet grateful for the beauty of where you’re placed right now and the people you’re with. It’s inspiration and entertainment wrapped up in a train trip across America.

big easy express

2. A Brave Heart

The story of Lizzy Velasquez is pure inspiration from a girl once labelled “world’s ugliest woman”. There is depth, joy and forgiveness that will seep into everyone who watches it.

a brave heart

3. That Sugar Film

A fascinating exploration of the rise of sugar in western civilisation and it’s dramatic effects on our human health. This is most interestingly experienced first hand by the filmmakers own personal dietary experimentation.

that sugar film

4. We Are Together

We Are Together is a beautiful film about the power of music and the depth of love. You’ll be inspired to dream and excited to create and make change.

we are together

5. The Chef’s Table

The Chef’s Table will capture you with so much passion, intelligence and curiosity about life through food.

the chef's table

6. Louder Than Bombs

A movie about beat poetry that delves into the lives of individual competitors and their drive, influences and diverse stories. Watch a group of unlikely teenagers come together to bear their hearts through poetry.

louder than bombs


Article supplied with thanks to Movies Change People.

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