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Thank you for joining us in our mission to make quality Christian content available to all Australians, and your willingness to share your work on the Christian Media & Arts Australia Content Hub.

“How Can I Get my Writing Syndicated?”

We share content that is of interest to a national audience, ranging from light-hearted, family-friendly content, to serious news on social issues with a Christian world view, and Christian teaching. If you are blogger, writer or content creator interested in having your work distributed, please fill out the below form. We will then consider whether your writing / content meets the aims and standards of the CMAA Content Hub.

How it Works

If you are approved as a contributor to the Hub, you can then submit articles to the Hub Editor. These may be new articles, or pieces you have previously posted on your blog. Editing may involve, if necessary, minor tweaks to spelling, grammar, syntax, captions and headings. In the case of any significant edits, the Editor will contact you and discuss with you as per a normal editing process. Once your work is approved and published to the Hub, no further edits will be made.

Any of our member organisations may then choose to publish your article (or not), depending on their unique audience and content focus. We will send you feedback on the content you submit, including how many organisations are publishing it, and how popular it is with their audiences. You will be credited for your work with a byline and links back to your website where appropriate.

Where Your Work Will Appear

Your work may appear on the websites and social media of any of these media organisations, as they choose…

This list will be updated as more affiliate organisations join us.

The Nitty Gritty


If you are providing an image to go with your article, we need a size of at least 1200 x 628 pixels. Images must either be your own, or include a clear reference to where the image has been obtained from. Some great sites royalty free stock images include or Do not use images that are taken from the web without permission.


All videos must be able to be embedded from a third party website, eg Vimeo or Youtube


All audio must be in mp3 format and be hosted externally, eg Soundcloud.

Ready to Sign Up?

Completing this form declares that you are the owner of the content you’re creating, and that you are happy for CMAA to syndicate your content on the websites of our affiliated organisations, such as Christian radio stations and media groups.

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected]

Please complete the following form and read and agree to the content syndicating terms.

  • Leave blank if you are a sole content creator/blogger
  • Example: all articles on site, articles from particular section, videos, all podcasts etc.
  • Example: all articles on site, articles from particular section, videos, all podcasts etc.