What Is The Digital Hub?

The purpose of the CMAA Digital Hub is to increase digital revenue opportunities for our members and to facilitate the publication of positive and faith based content which reflects core member values and uplifts their audience.

Every CMAA member organisation has similar goals of seeing lives changed and creating content that positively impacts our audiences. No longer are we traditional communicators through radio and print, our audiences now expect to be reached by the same life impacting content in the digital world.

With people, time and financial resources scarce, we can have the biggest impact on our local communities if we utilise the talents and skills of our members to have the highest return on investment.

The purpose of the CMAA Digital Hub is to create positive content to share with your audiences, and to create sustainable revenue that can be invested back into your local organisations.  At the push of a button, any content you see here on this site can be syndicated to your WordPress website.  Content can either be published to your website Live or in Draft mode for you to decide whether to publish or not. There will also be a number of options surrounding the advertising on your website, and how much control and time you have available to manage your digital assets. From complete control, to complete hands off, we here at CMAA are here to partner with you so that you can reach your digital goals by working smarter, not harder.


Goal #1 – Lives positively changed for Christ.

Goal #2 – Increase digital revenue opportunities to members.


Goal #1 – Lives positively changed for Christ.

  • Create faith based resources and articles that can be shared across member websites.
  • Ensure all faith based web content has the ability to be shared across social media.
  • Faith content and resources should be varied to capture whatever stage our audience members are in their walk with Jesus.
  • Provide an avenue for CMAA members who create faith based content (like yesHEis.com, Focus On The Family) to use the Digital Hub to make their resources easily available for members to have on their websites.

Goal #2 – Increase digital revenue opportunities to members.

Revenue opportunities are broken down into four main sections and strategies:

  1. Donations
  2. Commercial Revenue (see forecasting data here)
    1. Website banner adverts
    2. Promotions and contests
    3. Advertorial and sponsor integrated content
    4. Products for sale (if applicable)
  3. Audience Growth
  4. Research and databases


There are two breakdowns of content. First there is clean positive lifestyle content that will have the aim of increasing website visitors and page impressions to generate commercial revenue.  The second is Christian based content which fulfils our member goals to see lives impacted for Christ.

When looking at the two types of content – think of the clean lifestyle content as the clean secular music played by your radio stations which attracts audience, and the faith based content which enriches the lives of audience members.

We have pre-filled this Digital Hub with content so members can easily view the sort of content that will be syndicated to their website.

This Digital Hub also allows for the distribution of common content to member websites such as posts from national shows (Hot 25 or Cam & Ruthie), events, seasonal content, podcasts and faith based resources from our common partners (CBM Miracles Day, Alpha).


Our aim is to start small and grow as revenue opportunities increase. All content on the hub will be approved by project manager to ensure it meets the high standard of values of CMAA members.

In initial stages most content will also be produced by the project manager and we will aim to increase our network of content providers. Organisations like Focus On The Family want to get their content out to a larger audience, so the Digital Hub is able to facilitate this content syndication. Content providers like Focus aren’t financially compensated by CMAA, instead they have links back to their website in exchange for providing the content.  An example article with links back to content provider’s website can be found here.

As revenue increases and it is of cost-benefit, CMAA will look to employee additional content producers to increase the amount of content we can syndicate to our member websites.