Revenue – Beyond Banners

Now more than ever, clients are looking for ways to extend their reach beyond traditional ‘spot’ revenue. They want to integrate their product into your content. Here’s some ideas of how CMAA organisations can drive extra digital revenue outside of banner advertising.

Integrating your on-air sponsored content with an online spend is a great way to help your advertisers reach your audience.


Online contests sponsored by clients are not only a great way to drive additional sales revenue (can be bundled with an on-air campaign) but it also gives people an added incentive to come to the website.

Contests can be used to provide a contactable database of entrants to sponsors.

Photo upload and voting contests are one of the best ways to drive new audiences to the website and increase page impressions. An example might be Melbourne’s Cutest Baby – parents upload a photo of their baby and encourage all their friends/family across social media to vote for their baby to win the prize. The baby with the most votes wins the prize, but in the mean time thousands of extra people have now been exposed and engaged with the Light FM website and brand (hopefully they’ll turn into new listeners too).


Content on our website can also be client focused (as long as we are up front about it). You might see an article about how to make the ultimate Father’s Day gift using tools from Bunnings or weekend away ideas featuring some of our sponsors.

Example of a Coles sponsored article: 10 Minute Meal Ideas.

Sponsor directories are a great addition to the website as often when people hear on-air advertising they only pick up a small amount of the overall message and need to come to the website to get all the information on the business. A sponsor directory is also a list of businesses that are endorsed by the organisation.


A number of our organisations have products for sale on their websites. We should use social media and our website content to drive additional people to these sites. This would be key to the strategy of organisations like Vision Radio Network who don’t have on-air sponsors, but do have an online store.


In all we do across social media and our websites, one of the main focuses should be content marketing. We need to utilise these digital channels to drive current and new audiences to our traditional broadcasts.

Creating sharable content across Facebook in particular helps the brand get exposed to people who wouldn’t normally listen to the station. Clicking share on a piece of website content sends that content to their friends who may not be currently listening or have ever heard of the station.

We also want to ensure that content created from the stations reaches the biggest audience possible. This means taking our content to where our audiences are – making it easy for them to listen on TuneIn, Apps etc.


Hopefully all stations now have the option of donating online. By attracting more people to the website, you can also present to them opportunities to give and click through to your donation page.

When people on your website share your content on social media to their friends and family, it attracts new people to your brand who will hopefully tune in, enjoy what they hear and become a regular fan – and then believing in what you do and making a regular donation.


With over half of Australians defining themselves as Christian, CMAA as an organisation wants to know what these people think about the big issues and everyday life.

Just like with the annual McCrindle research, we want to grow a database of Christians that we can research all year round and provide valuable insights to our members.

Our aim is to build a contactable database of profiles, and also groups across social media – open groups and forums. This information would be highly sought after by sales teams.

The other way we plan to capture audience opinion is through online polls on the websites.  This feature hasn’t been enabled in the Digital Hub yet, but it’s something we would like to set up for the long term.