Google DFP Explained


As well as making it easy for everyone to have access to positive content, we also want to make it easy for everyone to target as many advertisers as possible.

Google DFP is a free web ad-management tool for publishers who have fewer than 90million page impressions per month. DFP enables you to serve your own adverts as well as Google Adsense.

[pullquote]The sample adverts on this website are all being served through Google DoubleClick.[/pullquote]The one DFP account can manage adverts across multiple websites. This will enable station sales reps as well as Media Sales Australia to target advertising dollars from national advertisers, and also streamline workflow and reports.

As a collective group accessing growing numbers of people all over the country, we should hopefully be able to target larger advertisers with larger budgets. A company like Colgate could come to MSA and place an online ad spend across all stations involved.

Your individual integrity is of most importance to our sector, so of course you will have to sign off on a booking before adverts are placed on your website.

Here’s a diagram to help explain the advertising process through DFP. For a hands on overview of how DoubleClick works, please contact CMAA.

With LINE ITEMS – adverts can be displayed as ‘Sponsors’ which they get a share of overall page views between a certain date. Example: you might have 10 advertisers on your site at once all receiving 10% of total page impressions.  The other option is ‘Standard’ in which a client purchases a fixed number of ad impressions to be delivered within a certain time frame.  A LINE ITEM can also display Google Adsense adverts (see below) or in-house banners, which can both fill unsold inventory.

Advertising can also be set to only appear for Australian visitors so we can ensure we are delivering the best value to our advertisers.