Content Promotion

The saying of old ‘if you build it, they will come’ no longer applies in the 21st century. You need to invest just as much time promoting the content as you did producing it.

Our stations all over the country have the tools to market their website content already in place…. on-air and social media.


Over a million Australian’s tune into Christian radio stations around the country. As all content on the hub is created for our particular audience, topics covered on the station’s website should reflect what the topical on-air talking points are. Announcers will also have the ability to request content they want to be re-purposed for the websites, or submit their own uniquely created content.


Over the past 6-12 months all stations have been focusing on building and engaging their online communities. On Facebook in particular, we can post website links to local station websites. The stations are already doing this as documented in the graph below.

This graph shows the number of website clicks being generated from the 5 capital city stations and Vision Radio Network. You can see the huge increase in click-throughs over the past 12 months. The stations combined are now generating 40,000 click-throughs to websites from their Facebook pages. Currently over 90% of these click-throughs are being sent to external websites.

Imagine if we could repurpose this content and send those 40,000 visitors to our station websites? This is the successful strategy currently being used by brands like Mama Mia, Daily Mail, Southern Cross Austereo and many more.


Many of you are sending out daily, weekly and monthly email newsletters to large databases of people. You could easily add a website link to a positive uplifting article on your website.