CMAA Management Of Digital Hub

Our aim is for this venture not to cost CMAA members a subscription fee to have access to content and national advertisers. By charging a commission fee, we only receive revenue when you do. In other words, we don’t profit unless you do.  The aim of the commission fee is to cover all costs involved in maintaining and growing the Digital Hub, and to create a long term sustainable revenue source for CMAA so we can continue to provide free digital services to members like the private Facebook members group, digital advice to members and more.

Here is what we aim to cover with our commission fee:


  • Overall product management of the Digital Hub.
  • Producing a minimum of 25 pieces of content for syndication per week. After 6-12 months with revenue coming in, and more members signing up we will increase this to 50+ pieces of content per week.
  • All costs involved in the production of content including paying freelancers, purchasing images etc.
  • Service of producing specific articles that members want. Members can submit articles or videos they’ve seen online and we will repurpose into an article in the Digital Hub.


  • Management of the client inventory availability calendar.
  • Placing client bookings into Google DFP, ensuring campaign is delivering successfully, and delivering professional post-campaign reports organisations can take to their clients.
  • Regular reporting to members on their website traffic and advertising.
  • Offering advice and assistance in tailoring advertising solutions for clients placing adverts on multiple websites.
  • Being able to offer ideas and creative solutions for clients that go beyond banner advertising.
  • Offering advice to members who are part of the Hub on strategies to continue growing their website traffic.
  • Advice to stations on how to incorporate on-air and online content.

We also aim to reduce the reliance on the sector for purchasing digital service packages to fund CMAA employees.

Getting your website ready services (complimentary):

  • Placing Google DFP advertising code onto your website. The spots must be easily available and not require re-structuring of your site.
  • Installation of WordPress plugin to your site that will allow content to be syndicated.
  • Training of your team on how to publish WordPress content to your website, edit and delete articles etc.
  • Training of your team how to promote website content via social media.

Additional services (charges apply):

  • Produce professional banner artwork for clients (production charges passed on to clients).
  • Doing social media posts on your behalf to promote website content
  • Complete social media management of your online channels
  • Management and implementation of contests and promotions on your website
  • Syndicating of content on behalf of members and external organisations that serves a purpose beyond the Digital Hub strategy – this might include content from national shows, national initiatives members are involved in.